Tiffany has Revealed More Diamond Collection Information

On Jan. 9, Tiffany, an American luxury jewelry brand, said that more information about registered diamonds, including their origins and origins, would be released in the future. The brand would also mark the diamonds with unique serial numbers on 0.18 carats and larger diamonds.

At present, Tiffany engagement series and diamond rings provide detailed information on origin, and consumers can also ask sales assistants for information on the purchase of individual registered diamonds. In 2020, Tiffany will also launch a “craft tour” to enable consumers to better experience the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.

This is not Tiffany’s first experience. Previously, Tiffany also launched the “Tiffany Love Tour” time-limited experience exhibition in China, which is the first interactive experience Exhibition for the brand to open to the public. By building five different sweet scenes, Tiffany provides consumers with situational experience, which is more interesting and rich than the general monotonous product exhibition, in order to let more consumers understand Tiffany and convey the brand’s understanding of love.

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