Tiffany releases a new 2018 Blue Book series

In 2018, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany launched the 2018 Blue Book Advanced Jewelry Series with the theme of four seasons. From the extraordinary scenes of nature to find inspiration, the selfless gift of nature will be visible, showing Tiffany’s ingenious creativity. Four Seasons Style presents a smart work that integrates creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.

The 2018 Blue Book Advanced Jewelry Series includes four themes: Frost Wonderland, Shaoguang Spring, Midsummer Light Year, Yiyezhiqiu, which is rooted in nature, catches the natural form of flowers, birds, fish and insects, and reproduces the complex beauty of natural organisms.

Tiffany creates modern and vivid jewelry models with extraordinary craftsmanship and precious stones, giving the 2018 Blue Book series a sense of surprise. Every piece of work is a combination of Tiffany’s superb design and renowned craftsmanship, while creating a soul-stirring jewelry.

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