Tiffany Jewelry New Advertising Blockbuster

Recently, Tiffany Jewelry joined hands with Nini, the spokeswoman of its Chinese brand, to present a brand new Tiffany Paper Flowers series of jewelry advertising blockbusters, presenting the infinite tension between rigidity and softness of the new work. Ni Ni wears Tiffany Paper Flowers (“Flowers”) series jewelry for the first time in an advertising blockbuster.

The new Tiffany Paper Flowers () Flower Rhyme Series, through the exquisite skills of Tiffany craftsmen, disguises the shape of flowers and restores the purest authenticity of flowers. Like Nenny, modern women have a strong heart and no surprise. They are endowed with independent personality and courage. Every step is calm and firm.

Tiffany Paper Flowers (“Flowers”) is a series of jewelry that integrates the tenacity and strength of this woman into everyday life and praises every style woman who blossoms like flowers.

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