Tiffany opened its first new retail concept store in the world

Tiffany hopes that Style Studio can relax customers and bring them immersive experience, leaving behind the cold impression of traditional luxury goods. So although employees here are required to wear black clothes, they don’t need to wear formal clothes. They can also match their favorite sports shoes, and they can wear and match jewelry products according to their preferences.

The Tiffany jewelry series offered by the store includes Tiffany T, HardWear, 1837 and Return to Tiffany series, with special emphasis on gifts, small leather goods and home products.

In addition, a vending machine was set up in Style Studio to sell Tiffany’s latest perfume, carved jewelry and leather embossed products. Customers can draw and graffiti on the vending machine screen, and then incorporate these elements of their own design into pendants and other products.

There is a large space behind the store for customer events, exhibitions and parties. The space is currently showing Tiffany’s latest promotion with actress Elle Fanning. In addition, Tiffany has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the International Art Fund Outset to provide rent-free studios for young artists, some of whose works will be displayed in the space.

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