New Tiffany HardWear Jewelry Series

Tiffany HardWear jewellery is a new series, which sublimates the industrial atmosphere, independence and street vitality of New York, the birthplace of the brand. It is both classic and avant-garde. This series of names and designs are inspired by modern and fearless attitudes and street fashion styles, which make New York’s urban temperament so unique and important.

Tiffany HardWear series carries the strength and spirit of modern women. The iconic chain reflects the simple and refreshing texture and design outline of the metal material. Each design sublimates the distinctive industrial characteristics of New York. Continuing Tiffany’s rigorous and exquisite craftsmanship, each buckle is cleverly hidden in the links. The delicate interlocking rings form a natural and smooth line, bringing a subversive aesthetics that combines modern and elegant to this new series.

Following the chain necklace which is made up of large to small gradual chain buckles and rings is a concise and bold exploration of Tiffany HardWear series. On the basis of this design, works such as earrings, rings and bracelets are extended to perfectly express the spirit and strength of modern fearlessness.

Inspired by a neutral Bracelet designed in 1971, a detachable clasp and metal ball are added to the chain necklace, which integrates elegance into the avant-garde design and makes the shape more changeable.

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